Ads today.. Too much?


One of my favorite things to do is look at advertisements. It’s just something I have always done ever since I was a kid. I like seeing what’s out there. I want to know what products and services are available to me. What I like even better though is seeing an ad that really breaks the mold. I have to say.. it’s been a while since I’ve seen one that really hit the mark.

It really is amazing just how much advertisements have changed over the years. The efficacy of ads is waning. The methods companies are implenting these days to reach their core audience seem not only redundant, they are downright invasive.

I’m sure I’m not alone in this school of thought. Consumers are either polarized by the ads they come across, or completely unphased.

I’m a bit irriated with how intrusive ads have become. For example, I can’t even watch a video on YouTube without being forced to wait 15 seconds to view an ad. Then, just when I think I’m free to see the media I intended to watch, I’m inundated with “CLICK here!” popups containing links to other videos shortly afterward. Maybe I’m wrong, but honestly how effective can those ads be? Are you really going to be open to learning about the product or service when you’re just trying to watch something?

I think these days.. less is more. If you’re trying to reach and engage your consumers, don’t turn them off from the get-go and then expect them to be receptive. Take creativity to the next level. Be innovative. Find new.. more polite ways of sending your message.

People will notice.


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