Newspapers: the vestigial organ in the body of communications.



I never thought I’d be the one to say it, (considering journalism is what I chose to specialize in for my career) but newspapers need to quit it already. Not quit delivering the news.. just the daily paper.

We need to stop clinging on to the old ways. Communications have evolved. Why as journalists are we still practicing this archaic way of attempting to reach the masses? THE INTERNET exists, remember?

Newspapers made the move to go digital back in 1981… 30 years later we’re still getting the paper on our doorstep. Why is this happening when we can just ask Google anything and get what we want in seconds? It’s costing more than the potential return. And it has been. FOR YEARS. This just doesn’t make sense to me.

Paper is a thing of the past, Every business out there is in the process of going paperless if they haven’t already. And the ones that have yet to come to terms with the present, are dragging their heels. I’d be willing to bet their productivity is taking a hit as well. So come on.. get with it.

No one reads the paper anymore. Not the way people used to. If anyone does, they’re oldschool. How much money and time is being wasted to distribute thousands of copies every day to appease that small percentage who are actually in this market?

I see so many papers- still in their snug little plastic bags- lying on driveways stacked one on top of the other. They sit there for days.. weeks.. until someone walking their dog gets fed up and throws it away.

In my opinion, paper delivery should be on par with littering.. because that’s all it’s become.

The Conversation Prism: Social Media Visualized


This image has been around for a few years.. but today was the first time I got the chance to see it and really examine it.

I was really impressed at how this poster depicts the social media landscape. What a great visual! And what an amazing way to display just how social media platforms are categorized!

I want to print one up for my office.

Read more about the Conversation Prism here:


Ads today.. Too much?


One of my favorite things to do is look at advertisements. It’s just something I have always done ever since I was a kid. I like seeing what’s out there. I want to know what products and services are available to me. What I like even better though is seeing an ad that really breaks the mold. I have to say.. it’s been a while since I’ve seen one that really hit the mark.

It really is amazing just how much advertisements have changed over the years. The efficacy of ads is waning. The methods companies are implenting these days to reach their core audience seem not only redundant, they are downright invasive.

I’m sure I’m not alone in this school of thought. Consumers are either polarized by the ads they come across, or completely unphased.

I’m a bit irriated with how intrusive ads have become. For example, I can’t even watch a video on YouTube without being forced to wait 15 seconds to view an ad. Then, just when I think I’m free to see the media I intended to watch, I’mĀ inundated with “CLICK here!” popups containing links to other videos shortly afterward. Maybe I’m wrong, but honestly how effective can those ads be? Are you really going to be open to learning about the product or service when you’re just trying to watch something?

I think these days.. less is more. If you’re trying to reach and engage your consumers, don’t turn them off from the get-go and then expect them to be receptive. Take creativity to the next level. Be innovative. Find new.. more polite ways of sending your message.

People will notice.