Newspapers: the vestigial organ in the body of communications.



I never thought I’d be the one to say it, (considering journalism is what I chose to specialize in for my career) but newspapers need to quit it already. Not quit delivering the news.. just the daily paper.

We need to stop clinging on to the old ways. Communications have evolved. Why as journalists are we still practicing this archaic way of attempting to reach the masses? THE INTERNET exists, remember?

Newspapers made the move to go digital back in 1981… 30 years later we’re still getting the paper on our doorstep. Why is this happening when we can just ask Google anything and get what we want in seconds? It’s costing more than the potential return. And it has been. FOR YEARS. This just doesn’t make sense to me.

Paper is a thing of the past, Every business out there is in the process of going paperless if they haven’t already. And the ones that have yet to come to terms with the present, are dragging their heels. I’d be willing to bet their productivity is taking a hit as well. So come on.. get with it.

No one reads the paper anymore. Not the way people used to. If anyone does, they’re oldschool. How much money and time is being wasted to distribute thousands of copies every day to appease that small percentage who are actually in this market?

I see so many papers- still in their snug little plastic bags- lying on driveways stacked one on top of the other. They sit there for days.. weeks.. until someone walking their dog gets fed up and throws it away.

In my opinion, paper delivery should be on par with littering.. because that’s all it’s become.


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